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Daniel Bryant
Assistant Principal

Michelle Peters
     Beth Smith, Assistant
Marcia Saunders     
     Cheryl Hodock, Assistant
Amber Stogner 
      Tina Clodfelter, Assistant

Crystal Boyles     
      Margaret Lipchak, Assistant
Serena Nichols
     Sharon Hayden, Assistant 
Sheri Young    
        Robin Bentley, Assistant

First Grade 
Jayne Bennett
Katie Pardue
Kelli Plumeri   
      Gwen Fletcher, Assistant  ​
      Dawn Needham, Assistant
Second Grade
Amanda Brown
Melissa Carico 
Kelly Voss   
Third Grade
Haley Ashworth
Mollie McDowell
Carolyn Newsom 
Fourth Grade
Lindsey Draughn
Courtney Parrish 

Fourth/ Fifth Grade Combination
Erinn Haynes

Fifth Grade 
Janet Fowler 
Jennifer Holt

Youth Haven 
Jessie Grabeman   

Exceptional Children's Program
Heather Boyles, Resource K-3
Elizabeth Harrison, Resource 3-5
Jim Collins, Hearing
Tamara Childress, SED K-5     
      Tabitha Bowman, Assistant
Traci Stultz, EC K-5
     Jan Grabeman, Assistant
Charity Batman, Adaptive
       Shelly Greenwood, Assistant

Instructional Support
Christina Bell, Art
Melissa Hart, Guidance Counselor 
Nick Frye, Physical Education
Lisa Rasey, Reading Specialist 
Marti Scott, Music
Ellen Johnson, Media

Elizabeth Frye, Speech
Michelle Hiatt, OT
Holly Pulliam, PT
Amber Stephens, Speech

Personal Assistants
Teresa McNeil, Assistant
Karen Worrell, Assistant
Carmon Selvey, Assistant

Elizabeth Fulk, Manager 
Vickie Caudill  
​Linda Flippin  
Teresa Shores  
Angie Morrison  
Adrian Ramey 
Todd Smith 
Jay Sivalski 

Bus Drivers
Gene Horton, #71
Jerry Dodson, # 76 
     Mr. Smith, Driver/ Bus Monitor   
Linda Flippin, # 48  
Tim Schneppe, # 221 
Beth Smith, # 54    
   Carmon Selvey, Driver/ Bus Monitor
Jay Sivalski, #187    
Teresa McNeil