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The staff at King Elementary is genuinely interested in your child eating a well-balanced meal. We have an excellent cafeteria staff that prepares nutritious meals daily. The cafeteria operates under the National School Lunch Program regulations. Breakfast and lunch are important to enhance your child’s academic performance and achievement. We ask that you encourage your child to eat the breakfast and lunch provided and limit the number of extra items he/she buys. All students will have the opportunity to purchase any item on the menu in addition to the regular plate. We do not allow students to purchase any dessert items if they do not have a lunch from school or home.

Information and an application for free and reduced breakfast and lunch will be sent home with all students.



Breakfast                                                                                   Lunch                        

$1.25/daily or $6.25/weekly                                          $2.00/daily or $10.00/weekly

$0.30/daily or $1.50/weekly (Reduced)                           $0.40/daily or $2.00/weekly (Reduced)



                                                                                $3.00/daily or $15.00/weekly


If a student is absent any day during the week in which he/she has paid for a meal, the cafeteria manager will carry over money on his/her account toward the purchase of the next lunch and/or breakfast. MEALS MAY BE PAID FOR BY THE MONTH, WEEK OR DAY. Checks should be made payable to KING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CAFETERIA.

LUNCH CHARGES: It is a recognized fact that students forget their lunch money occasionally. For this reason students may charge their lunch through the lunchroom. CHARGED LUNCHES SHOULD BE PAID THE NEXT DAY FOLLOWING THE CHARGE. If charges are not paid, parents will be sent a statement for charged meals.


1.      Students should have money out and ready as they go through the serving line.

2.      In order for the cafeteria servers to correctly prepare plates, students are asked not to talk once they enter the doors in the serving area except for making choices of food items.

3.      Students must get all food as they go through the line.

4.      Students are expected to sit in their class’ designated area.

5.      Students who have finished their lunches should sit with both feet under the table, keep talking to a whisper and wait for the teacher to signal for them to empty their trays before leaving.

6.      Students should not leave trash or food on the table or floor around them and should line up quietly before leaving the cafeteria.

7.      Students should use self-control and good manners.

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